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Our Working Areas and Services :: Jurídica Especialistas de Occidente

Our Working Areas & Services

As pointed earlier, this firm's starting point is the legal regime of agrarian law, that is, communal property and Ejidos of the country, which primarily involves, the real property of these agrarian centers and the capacity of agrarian parties, both collective and individual. The second key point is the relationship of the agrarian regime with its natural environment, as well as the full private property or the small property, with all relations that the later might have with the earlier; the third key point is the subsoil, because its exploitation requires in fact the surface, which encompass mining activity and some other energy resources. Finally, in fourth place, and with relation to the public, national and empty lands are also addressed.

At the same time, our expertise fully covers the productive activity to be developed under this property regime, in such a way that we engage with the related and complementary legal aspects thereof.

As consequence, this firm engages with the agrarian law encompassing its relation with the aspects involving contracts, transfers, commerce, corporations, notaries, environmental issues, forestry issues, hydraulics, livestock production, fishing, marine-land federal zones, mining, empty lands and national lands; ownership and property regularization; settlements, urban planning, households, tourism, finances, foreign investments, records, agrarian procedures and amparo law.


Preventive consulting is a quintessential service, as its contributions enable for planning legal action and strategies on any contractual activity or relationship with connection to agrarian matters in general, and particularly to ejidos and communities, by foreseeing vulnerability scenarios, risk measurements and building up legal certainty in investments and developments. By consequence, this service is rendered in a comprehensive way, taking into account the aspects defined on our areas.


Contentious consulting, that is, the path of litigation or legal controversy, complements the consulting itself in cases that the later did not take place or despite itself, a conflict was produced, and therefore the case shall be brought before the courts to enforce the rights available, either to act with the action or to defend, with the exception equally specialized.

Nuestras Areas de Experiencia y Trabajo :: Jurídica Especialistas de Occidente

In the professional field of Agrarian Law, we offer a highly qualified service, to a degree that the field itself constitutes a whole branch of specialization, having a jurisdictional path equally specialized.

Topography Expert Service.

Juridica Especialista has specialized personnel engaged in performing expert topographic assessment services, with the experience required by affairs dealing with Agrarian Law. Our highly qualified personnel is certified by the Agrarian Courts and the Judicial Branch of the Federation, as well as the performance of all technical works for geographic and juridical identification for measuring, delimitation, transferring and other, in the process of regularization, certification and separation of the agrarian property.

Our territorial coverage

Juridica Especialistas offers its professional services nationwide, with the above mentioned scope. For this purpose, the firm has all the required infrastructure and branch offices. The firm also is capable of providing consulting and representation to foreign customers.

General Information.

Together with our services, we publish topics, commentaries, news and events of general interest in the field of Agrarian Law.